Sunday, January 16, 2011

Virender Sehwag and Aarti Wedding Picture

WAGs" is a term commonly used to represent "Wives And Girlfriends" of soccer players in England and slowly started spreading to other sports. Now its a more common terminology used to represent the wives n girlfriends from cricket n many other sports too.

I hope you would have enjoyed my recent series started on the Cricketer WAGs. Actually, this series is more about popular cricketer's family than just their wives n girlfriends.

Till now, I had posted about the Australian Cricketer WAGs and today its time for a popular Indian cricketer and his family - Virender Sehwag, wife Aarti Ahlawat and son Aryavir

The swashbuckling Virender Sehwag, popularly called "Nawab of Najafgarh" was bowled over by Aarti and both got married in April 2004. Presenting some photos of Sehwag and Aarti in the Indian Cricketer WAG series...